How can I use the email server?

Users with IPA (domain) accounts can use their email address with our self-hosted mail server. For security reasons we require TLS connections for sending and retrieving email.

Server Details

If you wish to use the email server with a desktop or mobile client, the following setting should be used:

Protocol Addresss Port SSL
IMAP 143 STARTTLS (required)
SMTP 587 STARTTLS (required)

NOTE You cannot send emails using port 25, the server will only receive inbound email on this port.

You can use any suitable mail client, a good cross-platform client is Thunderbird.

  • You should use your email address as your username (not your login)
  • if asked, you should use Normal Password (plain) authentication.

We plan to allow oauth as an alternative, but this is not currently available.


You can also use the webmail interface, located at instead if you’d prefer.

You should also use your email address as the username for this service.

IMAP services

The IMAP service we use allows for user-created filtering rules, using sieve to be uploaded for your account.